Author/Artist Angel Brynner Southbay LA spring season 2023

official RATHE multimedia art exhibition in riviera village, redondo beach, CA

Angel Brynner [AOLAB] unconventional AIR /grievechronic\ revisionist modular murals

round two/Spring 2023 @Unita EL Segundo

LAB/ feb 20th 2023, onward.


closes mar 5th, 2023

doppelganger ARTHEAD wrap PARTY mar 4th 2023, 1pm-5pm lowkey.laidback. last days.

open bar/holistic libations provided by Curious Elixirs

restorative listening party pleasure provided via soundscapes from Dear Black Gold's latest album

Anamnesis from 2pm

curious elixirscurious elixirs
Rathe[unto the fantastic]

Angel Brynner Multimedia installation at Cherry co Gallery, Riviera Village, Redondo Beach. February 13th through March 5th, 2023.

AltLand 2 Empyrean

/grievechronic revisionist\ modular murals AIR in conjuction with in Southbay LA, CA- Spring 2023.

the Grievechronic revisionist active-art book series.

the first four bona fide AOLAB "Active Art Books" that present the world of /grievechronic\ in its original conceptual form.

ELISION /grievechronic\ book eight

Elision, the 8th book in the /grievechronic\ series of dark fantasy novels by Angel Brynner, available February 23rd, 2023!